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We here at FIRST COAST FIRE and SAFETY EQUIPMENT are proud of our excellent history of reliable and timely service work in the fire industory. Our goal is simple : to provide fast, professional service at competitive prices.

Whether you are starting a new business or just need an inspection, we want to be the fire service company you call first. No job is too large or too small for FIRST COAST FIRE and SAFETY EQUIPMENT.  Our highly skilled service team will assess your needs and discuss your options with you.

Our mission at FIRST COAST FIRE and SAFETY EQUIPMENT is to provide a safe environment for our business community.

We will accomplish this by being a complete full service fire and safety equipment company that delivers five star quality service at competitive prices.

We will soar above the competition by having professional and knowledgeable service associates, supportive management and exemplary customer service.

With our full service approach, we will exceed the expectation of each customer with the vision of a long term relationship with each one.

We, as a company, will be responsible and accountable for the decisions we make with our customers to provide a safe work environment and protect their investment, while securing ours.

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